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How do you measure fitness?

Author: Dave Patzwald

Posted on : Sep 2, 2015

A runner, a cyclist, a power lifter, a martial artist and a football player walk into a gym...

Sounds like the start of bad joke, but here's what happens. You are a respected personal trainer and they want your opinion. These athletes have been arguing for hours about who is the most fit. They ask for you to judge.

What do you say? How would you decide?

The reality is that there is no standard definition of fitness, so of course there is no standard method of measurement. REAL FIT, INC will lead the charge in developing the standards for fitness measurement, along with independent, certified data to validate results.

We have defined the raw components of fitness, created a scoring platform, built a test libary, identified performance standards, and developed tools to establish a foundation for common measurement.

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